A healthy and natural product obtained according to the rules of low-impact agriculture to protect the environment.

Cascina San Maiolo is a farm which rises amidst the paddy fields of lower Piedmont, the part of the Po Valley (Pianura Padana) that in springtime becomes an immense stretch of water that sparkles in the sun. Saint Majolus was an abbot of Cluny abbey around the year 950, that means that the farming tradition of Cascina San Maiolo dates back to the Early Middle Ages and is still carried on nowadays.
Faithful to its deep roots, Cascina San Maiolo has committed itself to the cultivation of rice in the most ancient and yet the most modern way: according to the principles of integrated management. With passion and dedication we produce limited quantity but excellent quality of the rice varieties Carnaroli and Vialone Nano. Landscape, culture, respect for the environment: each grain of rice coming from Cascina San Maiolo holds the secret of good and healthy eating.


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The rice favored by the greatest chefs Thanks to the exceptional degree to which it holds its texture during cooking, it is ideal for risottos, timbales and salads. Our packs contain 100% true Carnaroli rice.
Tasty and healthy Dark in colour, rich in raw fiber, potassium, magnesium and proteins, it is ideal for preparing starters, salads and main courses with fish, vegetables and pulses.
Perfect for risotto Its round, porous grains hold the texture well during cooking, completely absorbing the flavour of the dressing and releasing the right amount of starch.